Marie Sklodowska Curie – Initial Training Network: A PhD position is available in the Brunsveld’ group at laboratory of Chemical Biology of the Department of Biomedical Engineering at the Eindhoven University of Technology within the framework of the MSCA-Initial Training Network ‘MULTI-APP: Multivalent Molecular Systems for Innovative Applications’ (2015-2019).

This network brings together academic research groups in Europe dealing with the fundamentals and applications of multivalency and cooperativity. The network is complemented by industrial partners Philips and mivenion GmbH.

The starting date of the project is September-November 2015.


Multivalency is one of Nature’s governing principles for achieving strong and selective biomolecular recognition. Many biological processes rely on the cooperative effects associated with the occurrence of multivalent interactions. Consequently, there is an enormous interest in the development of chemical multivalent systems that display similar features for innovative applications in fields as various as diagnostics, drug discovery, materials science and nanotechnology.

This specific project will deal with self-assembling multivalent systems for innovative sensing and signaling. The molecular building blocks will be self-assembling molecules provided with bioactive tags (peptides, reactive groups). Simple mixing allows for tuning of biofunctionalization density, color tuning, dynamics, and multivalency. This provides a completely novel entry to controlled formation of multivalent systems with fully tunable properties. A library of building blocks will need to be synthesized featuring different functional groups and conjugation functionalities (for biofunctionalization and sensing properties). Proteins and bioactive ligands will need to be synthesized / expressed and conjugated to the supramolecular systems. Biochemical, biophysical, and cellular studies will be used to characterize and study the interplay of the supramolecular systems with the biological matter.

You will work in well-equipped laboratories for organic synthesis, protein chemistry, and biomolecular diagnostics, with a broad range of bioanalytical techniques. Preferably you have experience and a background in organic chemistry, supramolecular chemistry, biochemistry.

Job requirements

We are looking for talented, motivated and enthusiastic students that have just obtained or are about to obtain a MSc-degree in chemistry or biochemistry. Knowledge, experience and affinity with organic chemistry, and/or biochemistry and/or supramolecular chemistry is requested. Excellent knowledge of English (both written and oral) is essential.


The candidates can be of any nationality (European or non-European), but at the time of recruitment, she/he must not have resided or carried out their main activity (work, studies, etc.) in the Netherlands for more than 12 months in the 3 years immediately prior to the reference date. Also the candidates should not be already in the possession of a doctorate degree.

Conditions of employment

A full time appointment for four years by Eindhoven University of Technology (

Salary in line with the Collective Agreement for Dutch Universities

An attractive package of fringe benefits, including end-of-year allowance, a personal development program for PhD students (Proof program), and excellent sport facilities.

Further Information and application

If you are interested this position, please send us your application by using the ‘apply now’ button on the TU/e website.

Applications can be adressed to Prof. Luc Brunsveld and should include a cover letter, CV, detailed academic transcripts and the contact details for at least two academic referees.

The application deadline is 30/09/2015.

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