Postdoc in Cost-Effective Electrical Energy Storage Systems in Low Voltage Grids at DTU Electrical Eng. The Department of Electrical Engineering offers a 2-year Postdoc position in the field of cost-effective electrical energy storage systems (EESS) in low voltage (LV) distribution grids. EESS can be utilized in the grid as an alternative to grid reinforcement or a tool for preventing oversizing the grid because of high uncertainty in demand and/or local generation.

The successfull candidate will contribute to the project “EnergyLab Nordhavn” as well as other research and teaching activities. The “EnergyLab Nordhavn” project aims at providing basis for design and dimensioning of the energy infrastructure of future sustainable cities by utilizing the Danish metropolitan area Nordhavn as a live laboratory for future smart-energy technologies, and demonstrate how electricity and heating, energy

Apply no later than 1 August 2015

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