Wartiovaara group invites applications for a position of POSTDOCTORAL RESEARCHER in a project beginning from 1.9.2015 till 31.8.2018 with a possibility to a two-year extension. Trial period of four months will be applied.

Research Programs Unit of the Faculty of Medicine is a top-quality research environment. Unit’s six research program comprises groups that integrate clinical, translational and biomedical research. Molecular Neurology Research Program’s ambitious goal is to clarify the neurological and neuropsychiatric diseases mechanisms. Molecular Neurology Research Program looks for disease susceptibility genes by using cultured cells, disease models and patient samples. The molecular understanding about the diseases is a prerequisite for the search of potential drugs and therapies. The research program works closely with children’s and adult neurology clinics, which enables the efficient use of research findings in the diagnosis, patient treatment and patient counseling. Group Wartiovaara’s mission is to understand the molecular background of mitochondrial disorders, and use that knowledge to develop diagnosis and therapy.

The research aims at understanding the regulation of mitochondrial function by sirtuins, poly (ADP-ribose) polymerases and polyamines in obesity and inherited mitochondrial disorders. The overall aim is to get insights into disease pathophysiology and to develop novel treatments. Both patient material (tissues and cells) and genetically modified model organisms (worms and mice) are used in these studies. The key focus of the project is to investigate the effect of polyamines and polyamine catabolism on mitochondria function in cells, worms and mouse models.

Requirements: We are looking for a postdoctoral researcher with a strong background in molecular and cellular biology, and cell culture methods. Prior experience in mitochondrial metabolism and mouse/worm experiments is considered a surplus. Good knowledge of written and spoken English is required.

Salary will be based on the Universities salary scheme for teaching and research personnel composed of both task specific (demand level 5) and personal performance components.

How to apply: Applications are to be sent as a single pdf-file by 12.7.2015 by e-mail to rpu-office@helsinki.fi (Subject: Postdoc application/Pirinen). The document should include a short cover letter describing your areas of expertise and motivation for the position, CV, list of publications, a letter of motivation, also describing previous experience in methodology and recommendations/ persons available for reference.

Further information is available from Eija Pirinen, PhD, tel. +358947171958 or eija.pirinen(a)helsinki.fi.


Apply at latest 12.07.2015

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