Laboratoire Interdisciplinaire Carnot de Bourgogne at Dijon (France) is looking for a self-motivated post-doctoral researcher to take in charge an environmental project aimed at developing advanced gas sensor by microwave transduction.

The main goal is to explore the design of active/ passive circuit at microwave frequency with a particular emphasis on the effects of the permittivity of the sensitive material layer on the S parameters.

The candidate will interact with a larger group exploring microwave design, measurement and nanomaterials.

The collaborative environment requires a candidate who has the ability to work as part of a team with scientists coming from different disciplines and to learn topics outside his/her area of expertise.

The position will involve a combination of microwave design and characterization.

Must be a recent PhD graduate (within the last three years).

The ideal candidate for this position should have a strong background in the following areas:

1-Microwave engineering

2-RF engineering;

3- Electronics.

This position will last 12 months and will start at the beginning of September- October 2015.

Preferred Qualifications Ph.D. in electronics & microwave engineering, electrical engineering or related fields.


For further information you can contact Jerome ROSSIGNOL, ICB UMR 6303 CNRS GERM