In recent years, carbon nanomaterials including carbon nanotubes (CNTs) and graphene have been heralded as the ultimate reinforcement material for ultra strong and ultra light organic and inorganic composite materials. However, research on CNT/graphene composites has been hindered by the fact that commercially available CNTs are often tightly agglomerated and hence require sophisticated dispersion techniques to detangle them before they can be employed as fillers or reinforcements.Recent developments in the production and up scaling of nanotubes in Oxford have paved the way towards the successful exploitation of CNT properties for the generation of multifunctional composite materials.

This project will be part of a larger research activity and will produce and characterise novel inorganic composites using various types of in-house generated CNTs and graphene to move further towards materials with genuinely outstanding properties. The project is part of a larger research activity between Oxford, Imperial College, Queen Mary, and the ERDC. It is envisaged to publish the findings in a peer reviewed journal and conference participation will be encouraged.

Applications will be considered as and when they are received and this position will be filled as soon as possible, but the latest date for considering applications will be 31 August 2015.

Funding for this 3.5 year studentship will be from a combination of ERDC and EPSRC grants held by the Department. The stipend is expected to be at least £14,863 per year. The nature of the funding package for this studentship means that only students who are classified as Home or EU fee status are eligible for the funding. The starting date is 5 October 2015.

Any questions concerning the project can be addressed to Professor Nicole Grobert and Professor Richard Todd ( or General enquiries on how to apply can be made by e mail to You must complete the standard Oxford University Application for Graduate Studies and further information and an electronic copy of the application form can be found at

Also see homepages: Nicole Grobert Richard Todd