Denmark: Technical University Of Denmark (DTU)


Denmark: Technical University Of Denmark (DTU)

About Us

Technical University Of Denmark (DTU) is ranked as one of the foremost technical universities in Europe, continues to set new records in the number of publications, and persistently increase and develop our partnerships with industry, and assignments accomplished by DTU’s scientific advice.

The number of student enrolment is higher than ever and, for the eleventh consecutive year, we have received a record-breaking number of applications from students who want to pursue a degree from a technical elite university with a global outlook.


  1. DTU Aqua
  2. DTU Bioengineering

  3. DTU Bioinformatics

  4. DTU Biosustain

  5. DTU Chemical Engineering

  6. DTU Chemistry
  7. DTU Civil Engineering

  8. DTU Centre for Oil and Gas

  9. DTU Compute

  10. DTU Danchip

  11. DTU Diplom

  12. DTU Electrical Engineering

  13. DTU Energy

  14. DTU Food

  15. DTU Fotonik

  16. DTU Management Engineering

  17. DTU Mechanical Engineering

  18. DTU Environment

  19. DTU Environment

  20. DTU Nutech

  21. DTU Physics

  22. DTU Space

  23. DTU Vet

  24. DTU Wind Energy