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About Us

Aalto University: There are several ways to fund your studies / research at Aalto University. Prospective non-EU/EEA students applying to Aalto University Bachelor’s and Master’s programs as well as Nordic Master programmes are eligible to apply for scholarships awarded from the Aalto University Scholarship program.

Courses Offered: 

  1. Bachelors
  2. Masters
  3. PhD

Doctoral Programs:

  1. Aalto Doctoral Programme in Arts, Design and Architecture
  2. Aalto Doctoral Programme in Business, Economics and Finance
  3. Aalto Doctoral Programme in Chemical Technology
  4. Aalto Doctoral Programme in Electrical Engineering
  5. Aalto Doctoral Programme in Engineering
  6. Aalto Doctoral Programme in Science

Aalto University reserves all rights to make changes to the scholarship program.

  1. Aalto University Scholarship program
  2. Aalto University Incentive Scholarship Program

Other scholarship possibilities

Below are listed other means to finance your studies –

  1. International double degree program
  2. Country-specific scholarship possibilities


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