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Germany: Rosa Luxemburg Foundation (RLF)

About Us

Rosa Luxemburg Foundation (RLF) : Rosa Luxembourg Foundation grants with funds from the Federal Foreign Office (AA) scholarships to foreigners who come to Germany for promotion or to conduct research as part of their promotion.

The Rosa Luxemburg Foundation aims to:

  1. Organize political education and disseminate knowledge about social relations in a globalized, unjust and hostile world
  2. Provide a venue for critical analysis of current capitalism;
  3. Act as a hub for programmatic discussions about a modern democratic socialism,
  4. Act as a socialistic think-tank for political alternatives
  5. Be a forum in Germany and internationally that supports dialogue between left-socialistic powers, socialistic movements & organisations, left-minded intellectuals & non-governmental organisations
  6. Grant funding to young scholars via undergraduate and postgraduate scholarships
  7. Give impulses to self-defining socialistic political activities and support commitment to peace and international understanding for a socially just and solidary union

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