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Germany: University of Bonn

About Us

University of Bonn is one of the world’s leading research based Universities and therefore it is no surprise that we operate on an international level. We particularly specialize in the fields of research and teaching and this has led to our evolving into the position of a truly prominent international institution.


  1. The Faculty of Catholic Theology
  2. The Faculty of Protestant Theology
  3. The Faculty of Law and Economics
  4. The Faculty of Medicine
  5. The Faculty of Arts
  6. The Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences
  7. The Faculty of Agriculture

Graduate Schools

The University offers the new generation of academics a broad spectrum of graduation opportunities within structured graduate programs in various fields of research. The University of Bonn’s graduate schools have been united within the university-wide Bonn internationally Graduate Schools (BIGS) system. The BIGS board of speakers promotes the establishment of further graduate schools and shares its joint experience with others. The incorporation of new graduate school into the BIGS group requires the approval of the Rectorate.

The University maintains several Doctoral Programs as well as an overwhelming number of Third-Party Funded Graduate Institutions (Graduate Schools within the German Excellence Initiative, DFG Research Training Groups, etc.).


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