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About Us

Arunai Publications is a private limited company Licensed under the Companies Act, 2013, Ministry of Corporate Affairs, and Registration of Newspaper of India with an aim to promote research, education and philanthropy for a new world order.

Arunai Publications mission is to promote knowledge about research, teaching and learning. Arunai Publications applies research findings to practical solutions by working collaboratively with researchers, authors, teachers, publishers, charitable foundations, government agencies and foremost companies.


Arunai Publications has been established with the following objectives:

  1. To carry out basic and applied research in multidisciplinary subjects.
  2. To establish, provide, maintain and conduct or assist research laboratories and institutions for scientific research in multidisciplinary subjects.
  3. To disseminate the research findings by bearing out publications in multidisciplinary subjects.
  4. To train in multidisciplinary subjects of research care providers including research scholars and professors to improve the quality of research in India and other developing countries.
  5. To promote, develop and improve scientific exchange of knowledge as well as technical co-operation among similar research institutions.
  6. To conduct conferences, refresher courses, lectures, seminars, demonstrations and exhibitions on multidisciplinary subjects.
  7. To associate and collaborate with national and international research institutions,and to promote multidisciplinary subjects research.
  8. To provide, award, institute fellowship or scholarships, stipends, remuneration and/or other similar payments to students and research scholars to facilitate their undertaking scientific research in the areas of interest concerned to the society.
  9. To be an apex institution in providing evidence based solutions to the research policy makers and research administrators in formulating and implementing multidisciplinary subjects’ delivery systems.

Our Vision

Arunai Publications vision is to promote the personal and social value accrues to individuals who are proficient in Research and development and promotion. To improve the quality of research in collaboration with other developing countries, Arunai Publications also aims to implement Research and Development program that will generate new knowledge and improve the quality of life.

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