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Switzerland: Université de Lausanne (UNIL)

About Us

The UNIL was born in 1537. It was then destined for the formation of pastors. The only Protestant school of theology in French, it enjoyed great notoriety at that time. Over the centuries, the number of chairs has increased, teaching has diversified. In 1890, the Academy receives the name and status of university.

In 1970, she gradually left the center of Lausanne to move to Dorigny. The end of the 20th century witnessed an important cooperation and development project between the universities of Lausanne, Geneva, Neuchâtel and EPFL. In 2003, two new Faculties were born of a desire to focus on man and the living: the Faculty of Biology and Medicine and the Faculty of Environmental Geosciences.

The faculties

The 7 faculties of UNIL
Faculty of Theology and Religious Studies
Faculty of Law, Criminal Science and Public Administration
Letter faculty
Faculty of Social and Political Sciences (SSP)
Faculty of Business and Economics (HEC)
Faculty of Biology and Medicine (FBM)
Faculty of Geosciences and Environment (GSE)

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