The environment “Multi-Parametric Imaging for Radiotherapy”
The project aims at use of multiple molecular imaging methods along with other tumor markers in order to plan and monitor ongoing cancer treatments.

The environment is built around a hyper-modern PET/MR facility for molecular imaging integrated into a clinical treatment process. Data collection focuses on quantitative localized biomarkers with PET and MRI supplemented with blood and tissue data. Collection of clinical data occurs in clinical trials, initially in; head & neck, lung and prostate cancer as well as malignant glioma. 

Academic disciplines; * Oncology / Radiation therapy, * Radiology / Nuclear Medicine and * Medical Physics / Biomedical engineering or similar.

As oncologist in the research team you will primarily be responsible for the organization and participation in clinical trials, implementation of treatment strategies and help with specialist expertise in the research. The goal is to create a strategy for future individualized adaptive radiation therapy based on biological information. 

Radiology/Nuclear Medicine
As radiologist or nuclear medicine specialist in the team you will be the expert of visual image analysis and have the knowledge of biology in relation to imaging as well as aid to the research in training computerized methods for analysis of the parametric images. The goal is to use the information content to find parameters useful for detailed evaluation of the treatment response.

Medical Radiation Physics/Biomedical Engineering
Expertise in medical physics or other suitable skills will work with either quantitative parametric PET/MR-imaging or analysis of multi-parametric image. The goal is to develop intelligent PET/MR- acquisition methods for data collection and feature extraction methods from multi-parametric images.

Applicants should have a PhD degree in a field relevant for the position preferably completed within the past three years. Priority will be given to qualified experts in a relevant clinical discipline and applicants with experience in clinical research. Strong background in radiological methods, medical imaging, bioinformatics, chemo-metrics as well as knowledge in MR sequence programming, Matlab programming, and Monte Carlo simulations are meritorious. Enthusiasm, ability to good teamwork, fluent in both spoken and written English are essential qualifications.

These positions relate to clinical research and may be an option for qualified clinicians to combine research with clinical work. The appointments are for a period of two years.

For more information, please contact
Prof. Björn Zackrisson, oncology and coordination of clinical projects, +46 (0)90-785 13 57.
Prof. Katrine Åhlström Riklund, radiology / nuclear medicine, +46 (0)90-785 16 17.
Prof. Tufve Nyholm or PhD Anders Garpebring, medical physics, MR and data analyses, +46 (0)90-785 84 32.
Ass. Prof. Anne Larsson Strömvall, medical physics, quantitative PET, +46 (0)90-785 24 87.

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Your application should contain:
Curriculum vitae and a justification on how you can contribute to this research
Contact information to referees
A short description of your research experience

The application must be submitted electronically and all documents should be included in one single file in PDF format.

You apply electronically through the e-recruitment system MyNetwork, not later than July 31st, please click on the button below.