University of Pretoria is seeking candidates for doctoral studies who will make significant contributions to its research endeavour.  As part of South Africa’s contribution to the Commonwealth Scholarship and Fellowship Plan, the University of Pretoria has made funds available for two doctoral scholarships for students coming from Commonwealth Countries (excluding South African students).  This scholarship will be known as the University of Pretoria Commonwealth Doctoral Scholarship and will be awarded on a competitive basis.

The University of Pretoria has established a reputation for academic excellence, particularly in relation to some of its major research activities. Information about these research activities can be obtained from the website of the University.



Value of Doctoral Scholarship

The value of this Doctoral Scholarship will be R150 000 p.a. as from 2016.

This amount must be used to cover the following student costs:

  • Accommodation and living costs
  • Fees p.a.
  • Medical Aid p.a.
  • Books/Stationery

Note:  Research costs will be covered by the Supervisor

Additional costs covered by the University:

Costs not covered by the Institution:

  • Family expenses
  • Additional baggage expenses

Supplementary Funds

The holder of this scholarship may hold supplementary external bursaries/ grants/scholarships.

Period of support

The scholarship will be for a maximum period of support of three academic years.

Doctoral students who are not able to complete within the maximum three academic year period due to unforeseeable reasons must provide a written motivation supported by their supervisor as to why an extension is necessary.  The extension request will be considered by the University’s Institutional Selection Committee.

The motivation must also indicate the following:

4.1       The number of additional months that will be required (may not exceed 12 months)

4.2       The research costs required for the extension period.

  • The amount of financial support the Supervisor can provide towards the

extension period.

Application Procedure

In order to be considered for this scholarship, candidates must submit the following documentation to the University of Pretoria;

  • Past academic performance
  • Research ability as evidenced by their Masters studies
  • Suitability for the study that is proposed
  • Potential in the chosen field of doctoral studies.

Note:  Referees to send directly to

  • Hard copy Application Format:  Submitted together with the required supporting documents to the Consultant at the Client Service Centre and tothe proposed supervisor:


  • Electronic application Format:  Send the “T” number details and the supporting documents to the Consultant at the Client Service Centre and inform the proposed supervisor.

Mrs Leanne van Zyl

Client Service Centre

Postgraduate Scholarship Office

University of Pretoria

Lynnwood Road

Pretoria, 0002

South Africa



Selection Criteria

Award of this scholarship will be based on:

  • Academic performance of the candidate.
  • Potential to undertake advanced research activities.
  • Leadership qualities.
  • Evidence of research accomplishment at the masters’ level by means of publications or other appropriate products of the work undertaken.
  • Prizes and honours received.
  • Selection of the candidates for these scholarships will be conducted by the University’s Institutional

Selection Committee:  The University reserves the right to amend without prior notice, the regulations and scholarship values and/or conditions applicable to the awarding of this bursary.

The successful applicant will be informed by e-mail and official letter of acceptance.  Candidates, who have not received written notification within eight weeks of the closing date, must please contact the Client Service Centre

Other Important Information

Last Date

The closing date for the 2016 Academic year is 20 August 2015

Please quote “UP Commonwealth Scholarship” on your application when applying for this scholarship.