PhD and Postdoc Positions at the DTU Nanotech is the Department of Micro- and Nanotechnology at the Technical University of Denmark

Position 1: PhD scholarship in “3D printing of perfusable hybrid 3D scaffolds- and biomaterials”

DTU Nanotech

Deadline: 16 JUN 17

Position 2: PhD scholarship in optical sensors on a disc – diagnostics and drug analysis

DTU Nanotech

Deadline: 18 JUN 17

Position 3: Two PhD scholarships are available within immunology with focus on development of immunotherapeutics and drug delivery systems

DTU Nanotech

Deadline: 23 JUN 17

Position 4: Three PhD scholarships are available within organic chemistry with focus on development of immunotherapeutics and drug delivery systems

DTU Nanotech

Deadline: 23 JUN 17

Position 5: Postdoc Positions in Cancer Immunotherapy

DTU Nanotech

Deadline: 23 JUN 17

Position 6: Two PhD scholarships

DTU Nanotech

Deadline: 01 JUL 17

Position 7: PhD scholarship in Nanofluidics and Bioimaging

DTU Nanotech

Deadline: 30 JUL 17

Centers and Laboratories

  1. PolSenS

Amphiphilic Polymers in Biological Sensing

Group leader: Kristoffer Almdal

  1. Bioanalytics


Group leader: Jenny Emnéus

  1. BioNanoMat

Bioinspired Nanomaterials

Group leader: Nazila Kamaly

  1. BioLabChip


Group leader: Anders Wolff 

  1. Biomaterial Microsystems

Biomaterial Microsystems

Group leader: Stephan Keller

  1. The 3Bs

Biomimetics, Biocarriers and Bioimplants

Group leader: Leticia Hosta-Rigau

  1. CBIO

Colloids and Biological Sensing

Group leader. Thomas L. Andresen

  1. FAST

Fluidic Array Systems and Signals

Group leader: Martin Dufva

  1. Magnetic Systems

Magnetic Systems

Group leader Mikkel F. Hansen

  1. MEMS-AppliedSensors


Group leader: Erik V. Thomsen

  1. Molecular Windows

Molecular Windows

Group leader: Kristian Mølhave

  1. NaBIS

Nano Bio Integrated Systems

Group leader: Winnie E. Svendsen

  1. Nanocarbon


Group leader: Peter Bøggild

  1. Nanofluidics and Bioimaging

Nanofluidics and Bioimaging

Group leader: Rodolphe Marie


Nanoelectronics Metrology

Group leader: Dirch Hjort Petersen

  1. Nanomat/Nanobio

Nanomaterials and Nanobiosensors

Group leader: Yi Sun

  1. Nanoprobes


Group leader: Anja Boisen

 20. Optofluidics


Group leader: Anders Kristensen


Polymer Micro and Nano Engineering

Group leader: Rafael Taboryski

 22. PolyCell

Polymer Microsystems for Cell Processing

Group leader: Niels B. Larsen

  1. Nanoporous

Self-organized Nanoporous Materials

Group leader: Sokol Ndoni

  1. Silicon Microtechnology

Silicon Microtechnology

Group leader: Ole Hansen

  1. SSS

Stochastic Systems and Signals

Group leader: Henrik Flyvbjerg

  1. Surface Engineering

Surface Engineering

Group leader: Mogens H. Jakobsen

  1. Theoretical Biophysics

Theoretical Biophysics

Group leader: Jakob Bohr

  1. Theoretical Nanoelectronics

Theoretical Nanoelectronics

Group leader: Mads Brandbyge

  1. Theoretical Nanotechnology

Theoretical Nanotechnology

Group leader: Antti-Pekka Jauho

Quick Overview————-
Organization Technical University Of Denmark (DTU Compute)
Fellowship Level Doctoral
Country Denmark
Subject areas Nanotech, Biotech, Chemistry, Engineering, Computer Science, Mathematics
Fellowship amount Varies
Eligibility Open to all nationalities
Deadline Varies

More Information about the position: See below


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