40 DLR–DAAD Research Fellowships: PhDs/Postdocs/Scientists 19688 views

The Deutsches Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt’ (DLR) and the ‘German Academic Exchange Service’ (DAAD) are offering the DLR–DAAD Research Fellowships, the new implemented programme.

About the programme:
  • DLR is Germany´s national research center for aeronautics and space. Its extensive research and development work in Aeronautics, Space, Transportation and Energy is integrated into national and international cooperative ventures.
  • This special programme is meant for highly-qualified foreign doctoral and postdoctoral students as well as senior
  • DLR-DAAD Fellowships offer outstanding scientists and researchers the opportunity to conduct special research at the institutes of the DLR in Germany.

Fellowship category and Duration

  • Doctoral Students: 36 months
  • Postdoctoral Students: 6 to 24 months
  • Senior Scientists: 1 to 3 months


  • For Doctoral fellowships, applicant must have completed the studies or research with a university degree,
  • For Postdoctoral fellowships, applicant must have completed the studies with a doctorate/PhD/Candidate (Russia)
  • For Senior Scientists fellowships, applicants must be working in higher education or at a research institute; positions are open to outstandingly-qualified academics and scientists who should generally hold a doctorate/ Ph.D.
  • All applicants must have an excellent knowledge of English (provide evidence of by submitting appropriate language certificates, TOEFL: 550/217); a knowledge of German is advantageous,
  • Applicant must have completed their last degree in the last six years (doctoral fellowships) or have completed their doctorate in the last two years (Postdoc fellowships) or assessed individually according to prerequisites (Senoir Scientist fellowships),
  • Applicant must not be of German nationality


  • Apply online via the DAAD online portal and send the following documents:
  • Application summary (pdf file), which is generated in the DAAD portal after the online application procedure has been completed, by email to dlr-daad-program@daad.de.
  • Referees should send the hardcopies of the letters of recommendation to the application address by post.
List of current offers:
  1. Fellowship No. 461: PhD Deep Learning in Earth Observation
  2. Fellowship No. 460: Exploring and comparing the potential of hyperspectral and hypertemporal EO data for local coastal analyses
  3. Fellowship No. 459: Postdoc Adapting unfolding-based dynamic partial order reduction for spacecraft operational behaviour verification in early design.
  4. Fellowship No. 457: Postdoc Multi-access Edge Computing (MEC) in integrated 6G-Satellite Networks.
  5. Fellowship No. 456: PhD Swarm exploration of dispersal processes with cooperative mobile robots.
  6. Fellowship No. 455: PhD Geomorphologic and Stratigraphic Characterisation and Dynamical Analysis of the Tectonically Resurfaced Bright Grooved Terrain on the Icy Moon Ganymede.
  7. Fellowship No. 453: PhD Development of Algorithms for Global Soil Moisture Estimation using Multi-Parametric Synthetic Aperture Radar Systems.
  8. Fellowship No. 452: PhD Development of Algorithms for Monitoring Permafrost Indicators using Multi-Paramteric Synthetic Aperture Radar Systems.
  9. Fellowship No. 451: PhD Multi-Modal SAR and Deep Learning for Scattering Characterization.
  10. Fellowship No. 450: PhD Image Enhancement of High-resolution Aerial and Satellite Data with Data-Driven Algorithms
  11. Fellowship No. 448: PhD Advanced image processing algorithms for forest biomass inversion from SAR data
  12. Fellowship No. 447: PhD Demonstration of New SAR Techniques using a Ground-Based MIMO Radar
  13. Fellowship No. 441: Postdoc 1D nanostructured and core/shell composition controlled synthesis of mixed metal oxides for gas sensing
  14. Fellowship No. 428: PhD Observational Causal Learning from Large-Scale Earth Observation and Health Data
  15. Fellowship No. 421: Postdoc Characterization of metallic phase change materials for electric vehicle heating applications
  16. Fellowship No. 401: PhD Radiative transfer models for simulating space-borne observations.
  17. Fellowship No. 400: Postdoc Study of particle trajectories during the onset of collective effects using machine learning.
  18. Fellowship No. 399: Postdoc Atomic Emission Spectroscopy in High Enthalpy Flows.
  19. Fellowship No. 396: Postdoc Analysis of dual and fully polarimetric SAR dat for scattering characterization.
  20. Fellowship No. 391: Postdoc Assessing the prediction potential of satellite data of global ship movements for economic.
  21. Fellowship No. 379: PhD Distributed Multiple-Input Multiple-Output (MIMO) Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR).
  22. Fellowship No. 375: Postdoc Sea Ice characterisation with TanDEM-X
  23. Fellowship No. 373: Postdoc Experimental study of large complex plasma systems
  24. Fellowship No. 369: PhD Atmospheric Measurement Devices for Optical LEO Networks
  25. Fellowship No. 364: PhD Data Analytics for Earth Observation sensor data
  26. Fellowship No. 349: Postdoc Level of Detail Processing and Management of Simulation Models for Interactive Earth System Analysis and Visualization
  27. Fellowship No. 331: Postdoc Light Scattering from Static and Dynamical Granular Media
  28. Fellowship No. 266: Postdoc Granular Process Engineering in Space
  29. Fellowship No. 217: Postdoc Interactive Techniques and Methods for the Spacecraft Design Process in Virtual Environments
  1. Fellowship No. 441: Postdoc 1D nanostructured and core/shell composition controlled synthesis of mixed metal oxides for gas sensing.
  2. Fellowship No. 415: PhD Simulation of the atomization and breakup of liquid fuels
  3. Fellowship No. 407: PhD Development of Physical Layer Testbed for Modular APNT
  4. Fellowship No. 360: Senior Scientist Accurate, low-cost temperature measurements in radiative high pressure environments for RQL-gas turbine combustors [pdf-Datei]
  1. Fellowship No. 458: Postdoc Improving the hydrogen evolution electrode for alkaline electrolyser
  2. Fellowship No. 438: PhD Solar Research – Solar Fuels Production
  3. Fellowship No. 431: Postdoc Analysis of Reversible Gas-Solid-Reactions
  4. Fellowship No. 418: PhD Solar Research – Solar Materials Conversion “Process modelling and potential analysis of solar processes for the generation of fuels and chemical commodities”.
  5. Fellowship No. 416: Postdoc Simulation of turbulent spray combustion
  6. Fellowship No. 413: Postdoc Chemical process engineering simulation of energy and chemical plants utilizing electrochemical ceramic membrane reactors.
  7. Fellowship No. 411: Postdoc Design and development of a holistic layer model for complex maritime systems.
  8. Fellowship No. 398: PhD Process system analysis of fuel flexible-, poly-generation Solid oxide fuel cell – battery hybrid systems.
  9. Fellowship No. 367: Postdoc Feedstock evaluation for aviation biofuels production.
  10. Fellowship No. 346: Postdoc Suspension plasma spray development for the functional layers in energy devices.
  1. Fellowship No. 454: Postdoc Method development of sensor set identification strategies for novel autonomous vehicle concepts.
  2. Fellowship No. 444: PhD Material and device modelling for optimized Mg2Si based thermoelectric generators.
  3. Fellowship No. 411: Postdoc Design and development of a holistic layer model for complex maritime systems
  4. Fellowship No. 403: PhD Thermoelectric transport in multi-band systems: comparison between experiment and modeling.
  1. Fellowship No. 456: PhD Swarm exploration of dispersal processes with cooperative mobile robots
—————–Quick Overview————-
Organization Deutsches Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt’ (DLR) and German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD)
Country Germany
Fellowship Level Postdoctoral/Doctoral
Subject areas Aeronautics, Space, Transportation and Energy
Fellowship amount Varies
Eligibility Open to all nationalities
Deadline Open until filled

More Information

Company Information
  • Total Jobs 37 Jobs
  • Address Germany
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