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Postdoc position is available in Advanced Energy Materials Lab this lab is working for design and validation of new structure active materials, with improved safety for Li and Na ion batteries, Development of carbonaceous anode materials for high Li and Na storage and Development of new functional electrode materials for flexible devices.

Research team is working in overdrive to develop advanced energy storage materials that can be implemented in secondary Li or Na ion batteries (LIB/SIB). These developments are centered towards extending the advanced energy storage materials for both mobile and stationary applications.

Research team is working diligently to develop robust, cost-effective and high energy density Li or Na ion batteries using our fundamental science capabilities to discover new materials that can dramatically increase storage capacity and power densities. Our research activities span the continuum like exploring new n-conjugated polymers as viable energy storage materials in LIB/SIB, altering the intrinsic structural and stability and round trip efficiencies, discovering novel solution-based synthetic technology for development of nanostru ctu red metal oxide/graphene composites with unique structure aimed at producing ultrahigh capacities with superior cyclic stability at extreme cycling conditions.

Owing to our broad research capability, we also explore the corrosion activity in a LIB current collector and develop suitable materials/composited to inhibit the inevitable corrosion behavior. With such wide research interest, we are making constant advances in the materials development with our ultimate goal focused to design new materials for LIB/SIB applications and deployment by industry.

Position is aim to investigating new energy materials by electrochemical and structural analysis methods, applicable to rechargeable batteries.

Other details

  • Full-time post-doctoral fellow working at Advanced Energy Material Lab, Sunchon
    National University, Korea.
  • For more information, please visit an internal link in

Required Qualification:

  • D. Fellows who have an experience in the area listed below.
  • Synthesis & structural analysis (e.g., XRD) of Inorganic/organic energy materials.
  • Electrochemical and/or Computational (e.g., DFT) characterizations.

How to Apply

  • To apply, please send CV to Prof. Myoungho Pyo (
  • Salary: Starts at 35M KRW annually for fellows with no postdoc career.


Organizations Sunchon National University, South Korea
Type of positions Postdoctoral positions
Subject Inorganic chemistry, organic energy materials.
Closing date Dec.15. 2019 to Feb.15. 2020
Contact Prof. Myoungho Pyo (

Company Information
  • Total Jobs 573 Jobs
  • Full Address india
  • Address India
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