30 Positions: Group Leaders, Post-doc, Engineers, PhD (ICFO) 13540 views

Position for Group Leaders, Post-doctoral Researchers, Research Engineers, PhD-fellows

Post-doctoral Researchers
  1. Post-doctoral Positions in Nonlocal Response and Electron-Beam Interactions with Photonic Systems
  2. Post-doctoral position in theory of atomic quantum sensors
  3. Post-doctoral position in Quantum Networks with Solid-State Quantum Memories
  4. Post-doctoral positions (up to two) in twistronics
  5. Post-Doctoral position on Experimental Liquid-Crystal Optical Waveguides
  6. Post-doctoral position in optical quantum technologies
  7. Post-doctoral position in Theoretical Atto-Physics
  8. Post-doctoral position in Optogenetics and reconstruction of neuronal circuits
  9. Post-doctoral position in quantum simulators and quantum machine learning
  10. Post-doctoral positions (up to two) in high-density diffuse optical tomography
  11. Post-doctoral position in Mechanobiology of Cerebral Organoids
  12. Post-doctoral Position on Infrared Photodetectors based on 2-D materials and colloidal quantum dots
  13. Post-doctoral positions on Colloidal Quantum Dot Infrared Light Emission and Lasing
  14. Post-doctoral positions on Intraband Colloidal Quantum Dot Optoelectronics for MWIR/LWIR Photodetection and Light Emission
  15. Post-doctoral position on Environmentally Friendly Solution Processed Nanocrystal Solar Cells
  16. Post-doctoral position in neuromonitoring with fNIRS/fDCS for neonatal care
  17. Post-doctoral fellow or Research engineer position in experimental quantum technology
  18. Post-doctoral position in experimental quantum communication
  19. Post-doctoral position in experimental quantum optics with solid-state quantum memories
  20. Post-doctoral position in hybrid quantum nodes for quantum networks
  21. Post-doctoral position in Quantum optics of single atoms interacting with single photons
  22. Post-doctoral positions in the theory of novel quantum simulators – connecting areas
  23. Post-doctoral position in Ultrafast Molecular Electron Diffraction
  24. Post-doctoral position in functional near-infrared spectroscopy & diffuse correlation spectroscopy

Research Engineers

  1. Research engineer position in FPGA programming for quantum communication experiments
  2. Research Engineer position for firmware and FPGA programming for Biophotonics Applications
  3. Research engineer position for biomedical optics/biophotonics


General Call

Please, note that ICFO aims at recruiting the majority of its PhD-students within the two major General Calls available in Spring and Fall each year, with a large number of fellowships available. Additionally to these two major calls, ICFO offers two minor calls, in Summer and Winter each year, in which we may consider outstanding candidates to be awarded an ICFO PhD Fellowship.

  • ICFO International PhD Program (MAJOR CALL )
  • A rolling call, with periodic deadlines, is always open for candidates applying to do a PhD at ICFO.Rolling Call – Next Deadline: May 30, 2021

    ICFO International PhD Fellowship positions (Summer 2021)

Quick Overview———
Organization European Marie Curie programs

ICFO – The Institute of Photonic Sciences

Level Group Leaders, Post-doctoral Researchers, Research Engineers, PhD-fellows
Country Spain
Subject areas  Life and Natural Sciences: Biotechnology, Chemistry, Physics, Engineering
Salary 40,000 EUR – 55,000 USD (As per norms)
Eligibility Open for International students
Deadline Varies


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