Ultracold Quantum gases in optical lattices (CELLEX-ICFO-MPQ): CELLEX, ICFO and MPQ are teaming up to establish a strategic research collaboration about research topics of common interests. Fundacio Privada Cellex is a non-profit private philanthropic foundation, created in Barcelona by Dr Pere Mir i Puig, devoted to the advancement of science and education for the benefit of humankind that supports students, researchers and research institutions -primarily those based in Catalonia- through scholarships and grants.

The MPQ – Max Planck Institute for Quantum Optics carries out broad theoretical and experimental basic research in the areas of quantum optics, quantum information and quantum simulation.

ICFO conducts wide scope research on optical and photonic sciences, with particular interest in quantum and atom optics, quantum information, nanooptics and attooptics.

The program aims at recruiting top-class researchers, to collaborate in ambitious projects at the forefront of science and technology. Up to 12 outstanding post-doctoral researchers will be awarded a Cellex-ICFO-MPQ Fellowship of 24-month duration.

The Fellows will be associated to both, an existing ICFO and a MPQ research group, reporting to the corresponding Group Leaders, who will be responsible for the research activities and the coordination of the tasks of the Fellow at ICFO and the MPQ.

In this scope, by means of the present job opening, a position is offered for the following project:


The project will be accomplished in collaboration between the Quantum Optics group of Prof. Immanuel Bloch at the MPQ and the Ultracold Quantum Gases research group of Prof. Leticia Tarruell at ICFO.


In order to be eligible, candidates have to comply with the following requirements:

– Be in possession of an internationally recognized PhD-degree at the time of the application deadline, or provide evidence of its completion in the next 3 months.
– Have an outstanding track-record, measured in terms of academic achievements and research publications
– Provide complete documentation requested for application.

The Cellex-ICFO-MPQ Fellows will be hired by ICFO on a standard employment contract for the performance of a research project aligned with European regulations, with full-time dedication. The positions are available for 24 months, of which, on average, 12 months will be accomplished at ICFO, and the remaining 12 months at the MPQ.

No restrictions of citizenship or gender apply to the positions.

Deadline: 16th of August, 2015

Apply online: http://jobs.icfo.eu/application.php